Happiness is a foamy cappuccino.

Fernweh and I are coffee/hot chocolate/chai latte addicts! Just kidding… we have about 2-3 a week but wanted to compile a list of where we’ve been.
This list will be in no particular order and also I sincerely apologize for the lack of pictures.

Caravelle: We found this hipster cafe because it was near to one of the many apartments we lived in. It’s located in El Raval and is close to cute boutiques and other highly recommended restaurants. As far as the cappuccino goes it’s average compared to others. I recommend their hot chocolate or chai latte and Fernweh gets the cafe cortado, but their food is the real kicker. Huevos rancheros and craft beer galore. It’s coffee with benefits.

Snapchat-4959263502889451091Costa Coffee: If you’re looking for a chain cafe that you can find on close to every corner in Barcelona then Costa is awesome! I recommend their hot chocolate and bonus points to them for putting chocolate hearts on top of their drinks.

Artisan: If you’re looking for a place with fast WiFi, good cappuccinos, not crowded, and comfortable chairs… this place is not for you. Fernweh had back issues for a good week after visiting this cafe and I think I may have almost broken my computer screen by slamming it shut in pure frustration over the WiFi situation. You know those places that say they have WiFi but then cut you off after 20 minutes and make you wait another hour. Their sign should say “Free WiFi for 20 minutes and then you’re out of luck”. Obviously, I’m still a bit angry.

Pudding: This place is awesome for kids! Fernweh and I both love babies and we got our fill here because there were at least 20 toddlers/babies crawling, sort of walking, and screaming around. The whole cafe is decorated in the theme of Alice In Wonderland and is full of colors. The cappuccinos are great but the carrot cake is even better! Of course, nowhere near as good as the carrot cake made by the one and only Aunt Chrishelle.

Satan’s Coffee Corner: The name throws you off a bit… but the coffee is great! I also recommend their chai latte which is completely white and a little too strong for my taste but a little sugar added and it’s perfect.

Ten’s: Saved the best for last. There is not much to say other than the fact that this is the best cappuccino that Fernweh and I both have had in Barcelona and quite possibly ever. It’s simply amazing! When our parents came to visit we took them to Ten’s to get a cappuccino and our Dad wanted to see how long it would take for the spoon to sink through the foam (a little foam tester if you will)… well, the spoon never sank and that’s when you know it’s good.

Xx, Food

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