Fernweh is a 21-year-old wreck ahem Marketing Manager hailing from the great United States, who uses her flexible job, inflexible bank account, and inordinate amount of wanderlust to travel the world. She’s visited 34 countries and hopes to double that number by the time she reaches that age. Eventual world domination being the end goal. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and not arithmetic, but she was a Mathlete as a child – don’t hold it against her.

Food is an 18-year-old going on grandma also from the exact same place as Fernweh because they’re sisters. While Food would probably rather be cooking, she doesn’t entirely mind it when Fernweh makes her go to different countries, but she did mind that one time Fernweh made her go into their sixth museum of the day. She’s been to 27 countries in her short life, and probably wrote reviews on 29 of them. Her hobbies include food, dancing in the shower, and coming up with Instagram captions for photos she hasn’t yet taken.

Fernweh schedules the tours, trains, planes, and hotels while Food looks up the people to see and places to eat. It’s functional dysfunction and we like it that way.

Learn more about us here and view our (combined) map below.

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