Copenhagen, Denmark

We stopped by Copenhagen for a mere day before heading over the Oresund Bridge to Sweden, but amazing weather, really good food, and the feel of the city won us over in no time.

IMG-20160607-WA0008First order of business – eating. I swear Food eats her body weight after getting off a train, plane, or any other form of transportation lasting longer than 30 minutes. We headed to Tight for an early dinner. Well, early by Spain’s standards, but when the country’s average eating time is 9:30 PM, not much doesn’t count as earlier. We started off with mussels, then I got the Tight burger with beer while my sister opted for breaded pork and hot chocolate (This is not an appropriate combination.), which was a virtual mountain of food.  Everything was excellent and definitely satisfied our raging hunger. 

For breakfast the following morning, we headed to 42Raw to get some health-conscious vegan food – making up for our utter gluttony the night before. Acai bowls with matcha tea hit the spot, and also made me feel like a fake hipster. Fortunately, none of the food came “deconstructed”, but the three men in the restaurant were all tatted and bearded. Two had man buns. I give it four polaroids of vintage flannel shirts on bespectacled kittens out of five. Copenhagen is known for their food, and 24 hours was not enough to really get into the foodie scene, so a return is a must. 


As far as sights – well, Copenhagen has them, but we preferred playing and just walking around a lot. The Little Mermaid, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, is a tourist favorite, along with the Rundetaarn, Christianborg Palace, Rosenborg Palace, and a few great museums. Food and I, however, decided to wander around Nyhavn and revisit our childhoods in the Tivoli Gardens. Nyhavn is what most people think of when they think of Copenhagen – quaint, multicolored houses line a canal bedecked with the Danish flag. Hans Christian Andersen lived there for nearly 20 years, taking up residence in three different houses. It’s no wonder he wrote fairy tales – I would too if I lived in one. Wooden ships that look like toy boats come to life are up and down the canal, which leads to the port. At dusk the view was breathtaking, and, while we chose not to eat in the area, there were tons of restaurants and lots of tourists.

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The Rainbow Row of Copenhagen

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While walking around Copenhagen, we happened upon the store of this potter that I follow on Instagram (mostly for the excellent forearms and well-above par artistry). Tortus Copenhagen makes the most darling (and absolutely beautiful) pieces, and his ‘gram game is strong. I’m basing my future home off the color palette he uses in his Unika collection. If I’d have had the chance to take a class or buy something I could have died happily, but alas, 24 hours was at least like… 6 months too short. His classes are booked well in advance, but it’s no surprise – I mean look at him. (Fun fact: All the Scandinavian men are tall, most are hot, and I’m returning to find my future. This may be an exaggeration, but the average height of men in Spain is like 5’9”, which is not cutting it for this chica.)

The Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park, but completely unlike Busch Gardens or Carowinds. Given that we weren’t there during the peak tourist season, the lines were non-existent and there isn’t a wave pool or a 62-meter vertical drop at 71 miles per hour (nearly had a heart attack on that one, but in the best way). Tivoli is more like if your childhood thoughts about amusement parks came together with things that are significantly more fun that the kiddie version of Drop Zone and those stupid pirate boats that never went fast enough to actually scare you. Oh, and all of it’s ridiculously elaborate and pretty. None of the restaurants are a Panda Express, and each of them have themed facades. Disney World, but less people and more Danish. Given that I hate people (almost kidding), I liked it better.

I’m a rollercoaster addict, so obviously we had to ride at least one. I have literally no idea what it was that we ended up climbing into, but the girl beside me was screaming, as was her boyfriend, while Food and I were laughing like maniacs. We were flipped, spun, and then did it all again backward, and left the park with our hair a mess, but massive grins on our faces. Food got her one ice cream (she’s allotted at least one in each country), and then we grabbed our bags and hopped a train to Sverige. Ursäkta  – Sweden.

Hey, y’all we’ve got just a little bit of time left abroad, but it’s definitely not the end of our adventures! Subscribe to keep up to date with our future plans and check out our previous fun times in Amsterdam, Budapest, and more. XoXx Fernweh & Food

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