Bunkers del Carmel

Today Lisa (our new flatmate), Fernweh, and I took an adventure to Bunkers del Carmel, a large hill offering amazing views of the whole of Barcelona that rival the famed panoramas at Montjuïc, Park Güell, and Tibidabo. The bunker, which used to be an AA-station during World War II, resides in the El Carmel district and has one of the most beautiful and panoramic views of the city. 

no new friends

A photo posted by Reagan (@reaganleah) on Mar 12, 2016 at 2:05pm PST


Bunkers del Carmel is fairly remote, so not particularly easy to get to. You see, Fernweh and I are now used to walking (I repeat walking) ten minutes away for the supermarket, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Within Barcelona, you name it and it’s likely in close proximity to where you’re currently located. So, when it took us 50 minutes to get there, or, really, more like an hour due to getting “turned around” (read: lost), and half of the walking was uphill, I was muttering ‘feel the burn under my breath, watching Lisa do lunges while saying “It’s good for the ass.” in her signature Dutch accent, and envisioning my future bubble butt. Completely worth it.


It’s free to enter, unlike Park Güell or Tibidabo’s amusement park, and has awesome 360° views from the top of the hill of every area of Barcelona. You can easily see Torre Agbar and La Sagrada Familia on one side and see the Horta area, which we haven’t yet explored, from the other. Take your phone or camera fully charged and be prepared to click away and be amazed at how lovely Barcelona looks as the sun fades into the mountains. 

hope your day was as nice as this sunset ☀☀

A photo posted by madison (@madisontoal) on Mar 12, 2016 at 2:03pm PST


What I recommend: 

  • Take a picnic (wine, cheese, bread/crackers, etc.) and feast to your heart’s desire! You’re making the hike up there so you might as well take a meal. 
  • Bring your special someone or a group of friends (you will need them to take pictures of you unless you’re a fan of asking others). It can be romantic at sunset (wink wink), or a good place to just chill with your friends. The girls sitting beside us were having a birthday party, and the presents included a billboard collage, birthday cake, and a fish bowl with a little fish swimming around. I hope he wasn’t quite as frozen as we were when the sun went down- or else he dead.
  • Bring a blanket or towel to sit on- it’s not necessary, but more comfortable.
  • If you’re headed up during the spring or winter, definitely bring a jacket as it can get a little chilly and a bit windy. There is really minimal shade; so if you’re going in the summer when the sun is beaming down I recommend going a bit later in the day when it’s not as hot. And bringing sunglasses. Or, go during sunset or sunrise when the weather is perfect and the view even more spectacular.
  • Wear shoes that you are comfortable in. It’s not much of a hike but definitely not stiletto-friendly.

Most of all, have fun! It’s a beautiful place! 

Xx, Food

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