Hi, I’m Fernweh!

T-minus 7 hours until we land in Paris, and this ride is just getting started, but boy, has it been a wild one up to this point.

About 6 months ago, we decided to move halfway across the world – knowing no one where we’re going – with only two suitcases. With me having a (partial) minor in Spanish, we had settled on a Spanish-speaking country, and it wasn’t until June that we definitively said Barcelona, Spain was our final destination. You’d think 6 or 3 months would be enough to plan, but I was still frantically rolling clothes before jamming them into my suitcase around 2 hours before our plane was going to take off. Language lessons beforehand? Forget about it. Self-defense lessons were the only thing we got around to, and that was probably mostly due to it being some form of exercise that I actually enjoy.

As far as funding this grand adventure, well… we started a TEFL course in March to be able to support ourselves abroad, though I am keeping a part-time online job I’ve had for quite some time. We have three rushed days in Paris and then we’ll dash from Paris to Barcelona to hopefully find an apartment and jobs within five days. Oh, and have I mentioned that we’re crazy?

11745601_133488006985619_1722139244377325081_nI should probably introduce myself. I’m Fernweh and my sister is Food. Or at least we’re a bit reminiscent of the two. I have this constant longing to be somewhere else – out there – wherever there may be in my mind at the moment. I also know things. Random (mostly useless) things. Like this – fernweh is a German word for which there is no direct translation in English. It means something like “farsickness” or longing for faraway places. And I feel it quite often. It is what pushed me to leave my home and everything I know for a place in which I don’t speak the language. Lots of people feel fernweh, but few get to go wherever their mind is taking them. I’m fortunate enough to be blessed with a family who will enable my flighty mind.

And then there’s Food. Food was nearly dragged kicking and screaming to Spain. She loves traveling, don’t get me wrong, but Food is a bit of a homebody. If I weren’t here, she’d still be at home, doing her school over the computer, and likely enjoying a relationship with Netflix. She’d probably say the same about me. Here’s where food and I differ – I just like eating food, and she likes everything about it. Food is thinking about making food her career. So, when it comes to picking restaurants, ordering from menus, or nearly everything about food (wine not included), I turn to Food for advice.

So, we are Fernweh y Food – ‘y’ (meaning ‘and’) might be the only word in Spanish Food actually knows – and we are here to explore, eat, and enjoy our way through the world. One flight and bite at a time.

18 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Fernweh!

  1. Yall are so awesome! I’m so proud to call you my cousins. This is truly an amazing thing yall are doing. I hope you discover yourselves, adventure, learn, eat awesome food and drink awesome wine! I love you both dearly and wish you the best and safest travels! I’ll be there to visit soon! Love yall!

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  2. We haven’t seen you in many years, but I can tell we’re cousins!! One of the sayings Kristina & I love is, “not all who wander are lost.” All three of the Ray kids love to travel & I’m thinking this love of adventure must be on the DNA. Your great grandad,Ivan, & my dad, Wilmer, had to make their own adventures on the side of a river fishing & camping. They burned some kind of fuel from the oil pump in a can for their light. As they got older & married their wives joined in the primitive camping/fishing/hunting adventures. One thing was certain, Ivan & Wilmer were best friends & they continued this close relationship until Uncle Ivan passed away. As the extended family grew, so did the size of the outings. We NEVER went in a trip without EVERYONE coming!! 20 Martin’s camping together was not unusual. Vacations together we’re not unusual. What a blessing from God to have grown up with such a great family. Now here I sit in Anchorage, visiting my two sons, daniel & Stephen who caught the adventuresome spirit as babies. Kristina is here with me & all three of these special kids are also world travelers. God’s blessings on your adventure. Most important, find the One who created this world as His “foot stool”. Spread His light & love to all you meet along the way.

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    1. Amazing story about a couple good men I, unfortunately, didn’t get to meet. I saw a few photos of your travels from Momma’s Facebook! So beautiful! Thank you for the kind words, and we will be sure to try and be a light here in Barcelona.


  3. Ok girls, make the best of this amazing adventure. I’m so proud of both of you and I know God has huge plans for ya’ll while there. As soon as you have an address fb it to me or text me. I had cards for you both and didn’t have time to mail them out. Love you both bunches! Can’t wait to hear about your experiences here its a great idea to blog it to everyone……..very smart!

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  4. YOLO Girls. It was so fun getting you somewhat set up in Barcelona…and experiencing all the great food etc. Looking forward to the near death tale..I kinda feel responsible for that because I went when the light was red…Sorry


  5. Hey Rea.
    So, I miss you loads and reading this made me smile. Like this is going to the most amazing journey and I’m super jealous but also so happy for you. You’re gonna be fluent when you get back and it’s gonna drive me crazy…. please take loads of pictures and remember to whatsapp me back every now and again. I love you and I don’t know how I’m gonna survive without you!!
    ❤ Kady


    1. I love you so much! Still working on that whole fluency thing… we’ll let you know how that goes. Ya know my phone’s texting works here (shout out to Republic Wireless), so either texting or whatsapp works. Miss you bunches and I hope you know you’re amazing.


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